Hooray For Mice Babbies

I need to get down to the gym, but now’s not the time to worry about that, especially seeing as this is the one day when I don’t realistically have time. I will, however, squeeze in time for this, dear readers, and with any luck, it’ll have much more meat to it than I’d like to see on myself.

Alright, get a load of this.

I know that anything done in mice needs a lot of work to be translated into treatments for humans, but seriously, a skin cell, turned stem cell, turned egg, creating multiple generations?

That’s crazy, I hear you say!

No, it’s not crazy, it’s happening in Kyoto. When the country you’re working in can produce multiple game franchises that don’t suck, anything’s possible, and boy, having mice babies born from artificially created eggs breed…

That’s making me very optimistic about future technologies for humans, no matter how skeptical I should be being right now. Perhaps I need a slap in the face with some pessimism, anybody got some lying around, I feel so hopeful?

I suppose the fact that Psy’s follow up to ‘Gangnam Style’ is going to be in English is probably bad news enough for me to deflate the grin on my face, but even the fact that he’s being handled by Justin Bieber’s people isn’t enough to stop me wondering how many people, previously devastated by things beyond their control, will be able to have children.

I want this to be a thing.


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