A Voice

Woohoo! Today I can officially buy a drink in the USA. Not that I can afford to go there any time soon, although I’d like to go to convergence this year (somebody give me a couple of thousand dollars for the plane? That’d be a pretty cool birthday present).

I don’t want to start moaning about my childhood being behind me though, there are enough people doing that on the internet and I’ve already done my fair share of it myself, but I do still fit into the category that most teens find themselves in. You’ve all been there if you’re not still there, I’m sure; the point where people don’t treat you like a child anymore but many of them refuse to see you as an adult either, and whereas you’d think this might have its advantages, especially during our teenage years it seems to only stick you in a non-category; a place where people can ignore you until you’ve come out the other end.

This is a big reason why I believe teens need more voices. There is plenty of accommodation for children and plenty for adults, but I watched bbc.co.uk/teens turn into a forum for education and advice for teenagers into a place that only welcomes one half of the population. I don’t know if it even still exists anymore.

Perhaps there are less places with which teenagers can identify because they’re supposed to be encouraged to find their own way to adulthood, but no-one should be asked to do something so complex as discovering what kind of person they want to become on their own, should they?

I’m open to being wrong, in fact I’d like to know that there are places where that difficult phase of life is given much more than a tut and a locked door behind which to gather, but I still think work needs to be done.


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