Give me a few hours to recover, we met some very nice people last night and may have stayed out longer than we should have, the trade off being that a lovely engaged man let me wear his Captain America mask, and although the star spangled hero is probably my least favorite avenger and I’m far from a super soldier, I think I pulled it off pretty nicely.

I’m only assuming that facebook doesn’t have some kind of photo cock-blocker here so I apologize if all you get out of this blog is a broken jpeg.

I did adore the avengers movie but the more I think about scenarios where the bad guys all droop into lifelessness at the same time the more I think that it’s implausible, especially as the chitauri are shape shifting aliens and not robots acting from some sort of wormhole-threaded remote control. In the latter scenario they could effectively all lose communication and cease to fight, but surely that won’t work with aliens?

Perhaps I lack some understanding of their alien biology, perhaps their brains are all connected to a giant being that embodies their collective consciousness, kind of like the giant plastic blob that controlled the Autons in the first episode of the Doctor Who reboot.

Seeing as in the marvel universe telepathy is a thing I suppose this isn’t completely implausible, but I’m pretty sure the chitauri are a race of individuals, not a thousand shades of the same creature. Perhaps I need to read up on the marvel universe some more. If I could afford to buy comics these days that would help immensely.

Perhaps I should start a kickstarter account for that.

With just four pounds a month, Eddy can buy Deadpool. Give him forty and he can actually begin to understand what’s going on in the marvel universe at the moment. Give him a thousand and he can buy all of avengers vs x-men.


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