Bigot Tree

Please, if anyone’s in Nottingham today, please come down and see me, there’s been a lot of dropping out and company is nice.

Good, now we’ve got that out of the way we can get to the important stuff.

Will there ever be a point in the future where people are truly equal?

I find it hard to believe that bigotry will ever truly die; there seems to be a certain portion of the human population who just need something to hate and I doubt that the world will ever be fully convinced to do a 180.

If, even in an age of as terrific understanding as today, ignorance is developing its own subcultures of hatred, will that diminish, or will it become even more finely divided.

The last thing we want to encourage if equality is to be promoted is an ‘us vs them’ ideology, but is it even possible to educate bigots without isolating them as a part of the population. In it’s own way, even the word ‘bigot’ is divisive, no matter how appropriate it might be for identifying those who would have cultural division be enforced.


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