Have A Go

I wish that I could just write all day. I know it’s completely unrealistic of me to expect any reward for spending the majority of my free time spilling words onto a keyboard, but by God, if there’s a way to get an advance on a novel that probably won’t sell one of you has got to help me find one. It would make my life.

If only life was that easy, eh?

Unfortunately, in a world where there are established paths for getting into certain fields, you have to play the game, and in the game of writing, you either win or you die.

Wait, no, I was thinking of that other game.

As common as the game metaphor is in describing various acts, applications and CVs are probably the least suited to it, so that was probably a bad choice of words, which, incidentally, could be the same reason why I can’t currently spend my days getting money thrown at me while I pretend people give a shit about a story that came out of my brain and that pleases me to read.

Let’s hope every failure really is a lesson if that is the case, or even if it isn’t, because failing by definition sucks the big one. I’ve certainly found that failure can increase your drive and determination, depending on what it is; there’s always the danger however, that giving up is the option your brain settles on first. If you do lean that way, try to pretend you don’t, because no matter how much credit humans are given for intelligence, we’re very easy to be fooled; so good in fact, that you can do it to yourself.


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