Tradition > Rhinos?

I know I’ve talked about this before but it’s one of the most disgusting things that are happening in the world today. With an extremely simple scientific explanation, it’s clear that rhino horn, made of keratin, is just the same as our hair or nails. People looking for medicinal properties in rhino horn should probably just cut their hair and stew it up. But no, instead, for the sake of creating traditional chinese medicines, endangered species of rhino are being slaughtered for their horns, horns that are no more medicinal than our fingernails.

And it’s not even that this is a remnant of times long gone, the number is actually growing by 6% a year, with 2011 seeing 448 killed for this purpose, and as alternative medicine becomes a movement within itself, this makes me very worried for our wildlife. For a movement that has clung on so hard to the ‘natural’ label, destroying what little we have left of this threatened creature is, to me, ironic to the point of ripping my hairs out.

Perhaps if I do, they can use it in traditional medicines, perhaps I’ll treat it with something so that it looks the same as a rhino horn. I wonder how much that would cost, because it would probably be more than worth it…

According to the BBC, the South African rhino population is quickly approaching the point where birth rate will exceed death rate, and for what?

Sending endangered creatures into decline because governments are reluctant to provide real healthcare for people? Sending endangered creatures into decline because a small group of people don’t trust lifesaving treatments backed up by actual evidence, because they’ve had bad experiences with physicians?

Surely no matter how much of the kool aid you’ve drunk on this issue, this is clearly wrong. I dare you to try and justify this.


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