Safer or Stricter?

Oh internet, sometimes I wish I could surf you while using a treadmill so that I don’t feel like a lazy slob, but then I remember just how expensive treadmills and standing desks are. Internet, you should get on making them cheaper, then I can feel less guilty about staying online all the time and I’ll be able to get away with trying to make the world a more awesome place.

I suppose if I want to start pretending that it’s already awesome I should just ignore reddit and youtube comments, but god damn it, they’re just so tempting.

Speaking of making the internet more awesome, I wonder if there will ever be a way to stop scams and charlatans making their living from websites and emails without issuing some sort of overarching regulation. Now, I’m all for regulating things when it makes the world a safer place, but is there any way to make this a thing without infringing on the way others can use the internet?

The problems with internet regulation laws (most of them are for copyright, which surely shouldn’t be as much of a concern as people selling fake cancer cures… I suppose we have it backwards) is that at the moment they’re vague enough that the average internet user is probably going to have broken the law, and they’re probably going to have done it multiple times. If you make reposting pictures equivalent to stealing then memes are a forbidden medium, and ain’t that a kick in the head?

But there are limits that can be placed, and the question that I want to ask you guys is thus:

Do you think putting restrictions on the internet to tackle scam artists would help or hinder you as an internet user?

Help me out here.


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