Don’t Talk Down To Them?

Hey guys, it’s Saturday, and you know what that means?

It actually means nothing in particular but I thought I’d start this off like a cheesy children’s television presenter. How did I do? I give myself an eight out of ten for being patronizing and a zero for fart jokes, because in my world there would be a few less of them. Let’s give the kids something other than their excretions to lack about, shall we?

In my opinion we should be giving kids a better variety of shows but I’ve always cringed at the amount of condescension that happens in children’s television. Nobody should be talked down to, even if they are eight years old and don’t understand as much of the world as some of us.

One of the reasons I think Doctor Who is so popular, for example, is because it relates to all ages, and wouldn’t it be nice if there was more stuff like that on kid’s TV, instead of taking out the interesting bits of family television and labeling it ‘for kids’?

And then when they grow up they can appreciate Rome and Game of Thrones and the other stuff that they probably shouldn’t be watching, but I also think that there’s no harm in telling kids what sex is and that the world can be a violent place… I suppose if I was a father I might think differently, but I’m not… excuse my naivety while I try and put myself in someone else’s shoes.

I watched Rome when I was relatively young and I came out just fine…



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