Overopinionated News: 24/10/2012

Don’t you just hate it when that ‘five more minutes’ of sleep turns into an hour and a half? Well, that’s what happened to me this morning, looks like I’m staying up until two getting work done today. Hurrah!

So I’m going to do a little news roundup today, because I’m no expert on any of these things, so when I make my opinion clear and half the world disagrees with me, they only have to disagree with me for about eighty words. And who can get mad at eighty words? Well, I probably could, but that’s besides the point.


– Hyenas and humans are coexisting in northern Ethiopia because the amount of livestock they take is low enough not to make a whole lot of difference. Compare this to the farmers in England who would rather kill five thousand badgers than get their livestock vaccinated for tuberculosis and we are once again reminded that the western world is a stupid, stupid place in comparison to the credit we give ourselves. Nature isn’t something that gets in the way of humanity, we’re part of it and if you can’t learn that the world doesn’t revolve around you, you should be made to move into a bunker where you’re literally the only animal there. Isn’t that what you wanted?

– NHS encourages smokers trying to quit to ‘inhale less’. As much as I love that the NHS is a thing, I don’t know how much this could help. The approach is supposed to be a gradual move away from cigarettes, but once the thing’s in your mouth, surely the damage is already done, addiction wise? This is the topic I’m most ignorant about, I’ll admit, and I’d love a professional opinion on this. Leave some info in the comments if you can help me out here.

– World favors Obama. No surprises there, Romney’s not well loved outside America due to his great job in the US presidential campaign of insulting every country that isn’t America. Noted places he pissed off included the UK and Russia, with Putin getting very angry about Romney’s 80s spy movie attitude towards Russia.


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