Just When You Thought We Were Getting Better

With certain issues, time seems to be the only cure to a shitstorm. As time passes since an event blows up, particularly on the internet, the more reasonable side of an argument continues to hold on, while those driven by bandwagons, personal experiences, or prejudice seem to slowly dwindle as more people realise what actually makes sense. There’s a lot of emotional baggage people drop in the heat of a moment, some immediately pick a side rather than trying to work out both sides of an argument and working out which makes more sense, but with time, especially after an event that wasn’t personal to the arguer, the more detached from the event it would seem we become, and the more objectively we can assess the situation.

And, just when you thought my faith in humanity had been restored, the UK’s conservative party has just added a climate change denier to its Department of Energy and Climate Change select committee. As one of only five MPs who voted against 2008’s climate change act, he is not representative of even the house of commons, never mind the general public, and as the owner of an oil company, he has a ridiculously transparent vested interest in keeping our country reliant on unsustainable fossil fuels. I try not to bash on the Tories too much, because we differ ideologically enough for it to be almost redundant, but this is just plain stupid.

Just when they’re trying to battle rumors that they’re out of touch with the general public, this and the badger cull episode prove that they’re out of touch with science as well. Seriously, if Ed Milliband and Nick Clegg weren’t so infamous I’d make a call that they’re making themselves unelectable at this point.



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