Where Our Apathy Gets Us

In a world increasingly close to losing Bangladesh and The Netherlands, I don’t think there’s really any room left for politicians who don’t understand the consequences of climate change, nor the ones that sweep its consequences under the rug, whether for ideological gain or comfort, we can’t really afford to put it off as an issue anymore, not that we ever truly could. These days, it seems to be discussed as if it’s an issue of the past, with it coming far behind the economy on the list of priorities. Granted, we did just come out of a huge, global crisis on that front, and yes, we need some sort of financial stability to be able to take action on an environmental front, but when the future of the planet and the life that walks its surface comes far after a concept that humans managed to both invent and then screw up… aren’t the priorities of our ‘higher-ups’ more than skewered?

Surely, there’s no harm in trying something? Even if climate change was a hoax, which it clearly isn’t, then the worst we could do by switching to renewable energy and sustainable development is surely to avoid our reliance on fuels that will eventually run out and cost us billions to switch everything over from and minimize our detrimental impacts on the ecology and geology we constantly threaten when expanding infrastructure based on greed rather than need? What bloody harm will it cost us that we won’t have to pay doubly in the long run if we ignore it? What reason do we have for ignoring a problem that’s already in our face if not just hoping we’ll be dead by the time it comes around and slaps the next generation in the face for our inexcusable apathy?

I hate to end a post this way two days in a row, but… ugh.


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