Happy Halloween everyone, as happy as a holiday that’s not really a holiday based in scaring people and children talking to strangers can be, which, as it sounds, isn’t very happy at all. Okay, let me rephrase my previous statement – sad Halloween everyone, may you all remember your stranger danger public service announcements and try not to dress up as Muhammad, you might upset a few people.

Or, if that’s your aim, do dress up as the prophet, but don’t tell anyone it was my idea… I’d quite like this blog to stay on air.

My costume will be my regular clothes, because I’m going as myself this year, and by that I mean that since nobody has parties on a wednesday I’m going to be doing regular things. Sorry we’re not as enthusiastic about today over here, friends across the pond, but winter in England looks a lot like Sleepy Hollow, so I think you should let us off.


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