It’s hard to find a search results page for an animal right’s issue without being dragged headfirst into Peta’s hyperbole within the first few results. What I don’t understand is why, when the subject already has pretty strong reasons for being opposed, they feel the need to make it look like the holocaust.

We should be able to talk about matters without becoming rash, but it seems whenever a debate appears of this nature the extremes rise and take to calling the opposition monsters before they try to find middle ground with their would-be rivals. Surely we should take the time to find what we have in common and work from there? After that, hopefully we can get somewhere, and if we can’t we can still have our opposing views without trying to paint someone you couldn’t convince as the devil.

Some things just aren’t clear cut right and wrong, just as the world is not black and white. In fact, I speculate that if the world indeed did risk in greyscale it would take a very short space of time before it became one, singular block of color; people just don’t seem to like admitting there is a middle ground.

I don’t know if you can really call it compassion when it starts being about harming those who would dare disagree with you rather than caring for your cause.


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