I’ll Cook Your Show

Don’t make your cooking show look and sound like a porn movie, because then you’ll just make me laugh instead of making me hungry. Cooking’s not sexy, but it’s pretty hilarious when you try and make it so. Sorry Nigella, but you’re as good as a comedian to me at this point.

That’s not to say you can’t make a good cooking show, but I have yet to discover one that doesn’t come across as either pointless or hilarious. Perhaps if they had a ‘hunger games’ kind of thing where you had to make the perfect risotto or be executed… no, that still sounds boring to me.

I like cooking myself for the few times in the year where I actually do it, but just watching it makes me raise my eyebrows, the same way I don’t like watching sport, but don’t mind doing it with people who aren’t taking it seriously. Perhaps I’m just a societal misfit, perhaps cooking shows really are boring as hell.


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