Got Change?

Why is change so uncomfortable?

Being adaptable seems to be universally advantageous, and being shook up by a change to our comfort zones is only going to slow us down, so why is it that so many of us are opposed to change unless it feels like progress?

Just when you think you know the world you live in it can reshape itself, but the world is malleable, and I’d bet that most of the people who get scared in the face of social change know this, which only makes things more curious.

I don’t want to bullshit my way out of this question but we are social animals with tribal origins; perhaps the tight-knit group idea of social interaction stems from there and perhaps it’s harder for us to accept that the modern world needs to allow for some leeway from that idea because it’s so ingrained in our brains, whether culturally or otherwise.

And sometimes it’s the simplest of changes that can make you raise an eyebrow, that slight misalignment in what you though was your world can be all it takes to make you realise that the world you’re living in in reality isn’t as comfortable as one your brain imagined for you.

But without illusion we’d be much slower creatures, unfortunately.


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