Raw Money

I’m in the right mood for a powernap, but I’ll give up that chance for a blog, because I’m just that kind of a guy.

If it hasn’t happened yet, somebody should make a Mitt Romney parody called ‘raw money’. I’m sure it’s been done because it sounds way too convenient to not have been snatched up before. If it hasn’t, I invite you all to jump on it. Perhaps I’ll do one myself and then not publish it through fear of what you might think. You may think that a man so intent on publishing his opinions across the internet would give less of a shit about that kind of thing, but if insecurity can come from anywhere in my world, it’s worrying how shit people think my music is, especially with songs that are supposed to be funny, of which I’ve never shown anyone, because I’m aware of how painful a bad joke is, as most of us are.

Although I’m not sure how money could be raw exactly; you can’t cook money, unless burning it in front of poor people counts, in which case I don’t endorse it, no matter how much some people love sadistic humor.

I know this is far from an original thought but why is it that overpriveleged men who’ve never had an empty wallet in their lives are supposed to be representative of entire countries? Shouldn’t the people in charge be… representative? I mean, in America they have a house of representatives, you’d think that would do what it says on the tin wouldn’t you? If there was an easier way for people to get into politics it might be easier, but it’s starting to seem like, especially on this side of the pond, you need to get a leg up from day one, or be rich enough to go to the most notorious private schools in the country, that always helps. I’m not suggesting we get Frosty the Hobo to be the next prime minister or anything, but I would like to see some people who have spent some time on the streets for the people who are still there, although ideally they wouldn’t be drug addicts. Perhaps BBC Parliament could get sponsored by the big issue and the house of commons could turn into a load of bums warming themselves by a fire made from David Cameron’s education certificates.

I’m kidding of course, we need educated individuals, of course we do. That’s not to say that education should be everything however, and no amount of education can show someone who went to Eton what it’s like to grow up in Sneinton, for example.


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