A Spot of Trouble

The BBC’s in a spot of trouble at the moment, you might have noticed.

It’s at this point where the people who resent the negligible amount of money that is the license fee for the company, come out of the woodwork and call for an end to the company. I get the feeling these people haven’t watched other TV channels or they’d realise how superior the BBC’s programming has been and continues to be.

And when child abuse is the issue of the day, to try and turn the conversation into an argument about taxation shouldn’t be the first thing to come to mind. This may sound a little rash, but if the first thing you worry about is not the safety of the children involved, but the contents of your wallet, that rings of selfishness to me.

Problems in a company won’t be solved by tearing the company down. All that will happen then is that the issue is swept under the rug rather than solved. The people who caused the problem will get new jobs somewhere else and we’ll lose a great part of the media because of the incompetence of some of the people in charge.

But I’m tired and I’ve been wrong before. Who’s to say I’m not now?


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