Soldier On

Well, I feel like a bit of a mess today, but a stomach ache and coursework stress won’t stop me from writing. Rather, it will make sure I don’t remember to write until I’m on a bus with limited Internet connection and in the midst of a battle with autocorrect. It’s currently winning, I fear.

But I’d be an idiot and a hypocrite if I gave up, there’s work to be done and like every exhausted student, I must soldier on or fall behind.

It’s easy to give up, but striving forward is annoyingly difficult, and perhaps that’s why few people ever achieve true success in their passion. Sometimes it feels like it’s human nature to cut things loose and absolve oneself of all responsibility as soon as the slightest imperfection appears, and as a guy who finds it difficult not to finish what he has started, it shocks me when people call it quits so frivolously, in several contexts.

But when life is made so simple in a society where paths are laid out before our very eyes and the foundations of social progress seek to hold us up when we fall, one might dare to think that more people will reach for the top, simply because more people are in a position to do. Of course, with more people comes competition, and there’s nothing like seeing someone do everything you’re good at better to inspire sedentary lives.

And with an age of privileged people walls are put in place to narrow the people who get to climb a ladder, people are actively told by an arbitrary marker set by those on the cusp that they’re not good enough, and with a many year long process to prove them wrong, it’s no surprise that people are discouraged by the high towers of those who have achieved success but look at those who haven’t like they can’t remember that they once struggled to climb the ladder just as they have.


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