First, Do No Harm

You may have heard that a woman in Ireland died after being refused an abortion.

That sentence alone should be enough for some teeth gritting, but the woman did want the baby, she only gave up on it when it became clear that it wasn’t going to come out alive. The fact that the woman was neither Irish nor Catholic didn’t seem to matter to the staff attending to her who claimed that because ‘[Ireland] is a Catholic country’, they could do nothing to help her while the heart of the foetus was still beating.

Four words: First, do no harm.

There is someone there, asking for your help, someone who is alive, and you can’t do anything because a baby you’re almost certain won’t live is clinging to life in a temporary environment? This is beyond a simple abortion issue, this is choosing death over life because of a conviction that shouldn’t apply to this situation.

When the options are: everyone dies, or someone lives; the answer should be pretty damn obvious, and I spend a disproportionate amount of time worrying about the fact that there are people who would refuse to save a life in that situation, based on laws that were written long before this particular facet of that issue could even be specualated about.

Even some of the most stubborn critics of abortion make exceptions in the case of danger to the mother, and no one should be hired in a position where they can make life or death decisions when they cannot choose life due to ideological constraints. Switch them out with someone else if need be, but don’t let them choose whether someone should live or die because they can’t bring themselves to let her live.


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