Silence – Some Background

Let me say a few words about ‘theta healing’ in brief, before I set out to do a longer, better-prepared post, because background is important, and not everyone who reads this blog was reading it when I posted my original criticisms of this ‘healing technique’ a couple of years ago, judging by the five-fold increase in my subscribership since that period, although my criticisms of people such as Vianna Stibal and Gregg Braden are probably my most googled pages (not that that says much comparing them to the googleability of the others, if that is indeed a word).

With a quick search for ‘jengajam theta’ you can find these links, but I’ll provide them anyway.

Let it be known before you click on these however, that these posts are from my early days of ranting, where I don’t control my emotions as well, and I throw a few F-bombs around.

I don’t have the best internet here, so the newsnight video contained in this post on Derren Brown’s blog may not show up on here, but it’s worth linking to anyway.

Despite the unique branding, this is barely different from what Gregg Braden has been saying, and despite the ‘specifics’ that go into theta healing (a bunch of jargon mismatched to the actual science it’s pretending to reference and basically making excuses as to how it would possibly work), the quantum woo-spouting remains just as constant, and just as wrong.

It should be surprising to me, that with all of the effort that goes in to trying to help the public understanding the complicated world of quantum mechanics, that people can get away with bastardising its name in so many ways, and so many times, in so many different places. The Deepak Chopras of the world have created a monopoly with quantum as its name and increasing public ignorance as its face.

More tomorrow.


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