Silence – India

So, you can go onto the theta healing website and find out about the courses you can take to learn to become a ‘master of science’. Something tells me these are very different to the regular MSc format, or at least, the level of intellectual honesty is. I always find it hard to justify these sorts of ‘alternative treatments’ calling themselves a science, when the very background behind their ideas is that what science has come up with for the treatment of diseases does not work. Sure, science is a self-correcting process where new ideas can replace old ideas, but only when they provide a better explanation for phenomenon, and for a field as diverse and established as modern medicine, to dismiss it all with one, unproven idea proves right away that this is born from ideology, and not science.

But enough about that word, because I don’t want to continue the comparison.

Anyway, the ‘respected and loved’ Vianna Stibal, founder of this collection of strange ideas that have more money than evidence behind them, is soon to be travelling to India, where she will get the chance to sow the seeds of her ideas even further adrift.

Let’s back up a second.

Cancer, is a big thing, but people fall for that, because they’re in desperate situations. If you’re being told you can be cured when doctors say you can’t, it’s understandable that you will try anything. Theta healing offers that, and therefore takes advantage of the sick and the dying to make a buck.

But easier to dismiss claims have been made; it doesn’t take more than a google search to find a video where Vianna Stibal herself claims to have been able to make a leg grow back.

At that point, does it not become clear that there’s something fishy going on?

I know there is a growing rationalist movement in India, and I beg of them to make people aware that theta healing is a global lie before she gets to their country in 2013. Let her know that she will not be welcome to take from the sick and dying in their country. Although I doubt that will stop her doing it.


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