Silence – Testing

Whatever you may have heard, theta healing is not, as would have you think, ‘the practical application of quantum mechanics’, in fact anyone who tells you such a thing shows a profound misunderstanding of the most basic levels of this field, and physics in general.

According to the same website: ‘When you learn Theta Healing, you discover how to use the Theta Brainwave to reach a level of consciousness that allows you to change your emotional, mental, spiritual or physical reality instantaneously.’

It makes sense that you would be able to change your emotions, you can do that by watching a movie, seeing friends, going to a cemetery etc.

Spiritual, being a word that has different meanings for different people, is as vague as it has ever been in this sentence, but even if we ignore that there aren’t truly ‘levels of consciousness’ higher than being conscious, and what theta brainwaves actually are, being able to change your physical reality is something that we can actually test, and something that surprisingly, has never been demonstrated outside anecdotes.

If the people making money from theta healing wanted to prove that they are not the frauds that Lindsey Stock rightly claimed that they were, in my opinion, they should have jumped on this opportunity years ago. If they truly have nothing to hide, if they know that these techniques work, very public tests could be done to show whether they can truly alter physical reality, and the publicity of such an event would surely disprove claims of their fraudulence outright and on a large scale?

Rats, as well as humans and other mammals, experienced the oscillation patterns known as theta waves during REM sleep. And if we’re arguing about reaching a higher level of consciousness with these, should it not be perfectly clear that we are all less conscious when these are active during sleep, because, y’know, we’re sleeping? Those championing theta healing are living proof that you can throw a bunch of random scientific-sounding words together, devoid of their own meaning, and make a buck by leeching the wallets of those who need help the most.

And these are the people who would silence their critics?

Any reasonable court of law should be able to see which side of the argument should be facing charges here.


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