Everyone’s Celebrating Thanksgiving, And I’m Just Sitting Here Being English

I’m not feeling great today so I shan’t take up much of your time. I certainly don’t have enough energy to do a Silence post and I don’t really have enough energy to write anything meaningful, or even spell correctly, as I’ve had to go back and correct myself three times now.

But I will say a couple of things, because I am bound by self-invented duty to do so.

As if we needed another day to stuff our mouths full of food, I think it’d be pretty nice if we celebrated thanksgiving in this country. I know that would probably ruin some Americans’ idea of the holiday, but I’ve been to one before and it was pretty damn awesome. Redcoats are thankful for stuff too, and instead of having the guilt of the slaughter of the Native Americans on our consciences, we have the guilt of the slaughter of countless cultures from around the world! You see, we have a lot of comfort eating to do, how else do you deal with the guilt of being a member of a nation that traversed the world shitting on every indigenous peoples they happened to stumble upon?


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