Now that the shops are insistent that Christmas is coming I suppose I should probably hurry up with all of the stuff I’m working on at the moment, lest I want to say that this book took me a year and a half (and likely will take me longer, although I did lose 80 pages at one point, so that set me back a few months). By Christmas Britain will probably look like a brown version of Venice and we’ll be travelling around on speedboats dodging mini icebergs and wondering why the chancellor of the exchequer is still banging on about using gas for fuel pumped in from other countries, and although I’d quite like to get everywhere by speedboat I don’t really fancy the associated water-borne diseases and loss of property that comes with such an event. Also I saw some sheep being rescued from a flooded pen on the TV and that reminded me that a lot of life could be lost; you would think somebody taking ecology at university would think about that first wouldn’t you? No, apparently my first thought was about how cool it would be to get between cities on a boat.

More ridiculous things have come from my brain however, and I’ve heard even weirder in other places. I vaguely remember somebody talking about the plausibility of there being floating cows on Jupiter and for the sake of humanity and our collective intelligence I hope that memory is just a dream that stuck, otherwise the average intelligence of the population may take an impressive drop.

What these two ideas have in common I don’t really know, I only know that my brain thought they were relevant enough to each other to belong in the same blog.


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