Enforced Facts

I don’t need to tell you why the teaching of evolution is important, or at least I shouldn’t need to tell you (in truth, one of the comments I got on one of my Origins of Vertebrates posts on Teen Skepchick makes me think otherwise), and apparently you needn’t tell my government why it’s important either. Finally, something that makes sense coming from Westminister. All free schools, according to The Guardian, ‘will be forced to present evolution as a comprehensive and central tenet of scientific theory’.

This is in a huge part thanks to a number of scientists lobbying for this to be enforced, as ideology has won over evidence in several places around the world where religion is taken way too seriously.


And the theory of evolution, a fundamental pillar of biology and science in general, is not something can simply be dismissed. In science, in fact, there is a method for getting a theory to wane out, and that’s to find a better explanation for the facts it explained with a larger evidence base.

Due to the sheer size of that for biological evolution, you’re going to need to work really bloody hard, but if it’s truly incorrect it can be done.

I for one still plan to study evolutionary biology in my upcoming (hopefully) postgraduate years, so you can give me a call when you’re getting close to overthrowing it and I’ll give it my seal of approval and even help you with the research.


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