Fake And Gay

How is it that people can outright deny that they are welcoming to women in their communities, while in the very same sentence they condemn any woman that has the same interests as them as fake? It hurts my brain when people can’t see their own hypocrisies. It doesn’t hurt to know that people are hypocrites, everyone’s been there at some point I’m sure, it’s all about the learning experience, which in turn is a part of being human, but when people can’t see what’s right in front of them my palm feels inclined to rest itself on my disbelieving face.

Some seem to think (probably from the societal tropes that have driven this over the years) that if a girl is a nerd then she can’t be attractive, and vice versa. To those people, I would advise that you look up ‘confirmation bias’ and come back to me after having thought about the other possibilities. It may be that the majority of women you have met are not nerds; in that case, is it really possible that you’ve never met a woman who wasn’t a nerd that you didn’t find attractive? When you create these false dichotomies you close yourself off from new experiences and to discovering that you were wrong, and you’d think (given the pessimism of such a claim) that your goal in making that sort of statement (no matter how idiotically it may have been phrased) is to be proven wrong.

Am I wrong?

I might be, but I’m open to finding out.


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