Up In The Club

With so many songs coming about about being in a club, I just have to say that they’re not that great; not great enough to replace the overuse of love with anyway. As much as I thought I’d appreciate less songs focusing on a dishonest claim that the singer loves everyone listening to the song, if anything the constant bragging that the singer is ‘in the club’ is not only repetitive but completely mundane.

I’ve been to clubs before, but none has impressed me enough to make me want to write a song about how I was there. I may not be the right person to be criticizing this given that I don’t really see the point in them, but from the substance of the lyrics that follow this claim, the musicians touting this claim don’t seem to have a point either. If anything their one and only point is that they went there, and if that’s the case, then this doesn’t really justify a song. At the most it warrants a musical haiku, or something equally as short.


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