The Christmas Claim

Oh, is it approaching Christmas? I barely even noticed. You know, I don’t really hear much about ‘the true meaning of Christmas’ anymore. Granted, that might be because I no longer attend Catholic school, although I don’t remember it being much of a hot topic when I was there. Perhaps after all of these years of ‘fighting’ people have decided that the family time and appreciation that comes with the holiday could be a little more important. When I was a practicing Catholic there was always an emphasis on the lack of importance of Christmas as a religious holiday anyway; the emphasis was supposed to be on Easter, given that it represents the definitive moment in the story of Christianity, and the overemphasis on Christmas was frowned upon.

The situation in other places doesn’t seem to take that tone. I suppose this is a product of fears that non religion is invading, but in this case I suspect that it’s a little too late to try and reclaim a holiday that’s not supposed to be the most important in the church and which represents a story that’s only present in one of the gospels.

Currently I’m preparing for the 25th by replacing the baby Jesus with a sheep in the knitted nativity crib in my house. Because it makes me laugh.


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