Blaming Yourself?

So I got this comment over at Teen Skepchick, in regards to April’s post about Spirit Science (a web series based on new age philosophies that makes me a sad panda). While I admit that my ego does sometimes float above the average line, I spend most of my time under it, so unless the writer is referring to the fact that I blog as proof for arrogance I don’t really see how I fit into that category. Either way, I thought it was interesting to hear someone deny that they their childhood abuse caused misery, instead putting the blame on a chakra. I know I shouldn’t be but I was seriously surprised that someone could come to this conclusion, although I am glad that they’ve managed to turn their life around. I have a big problem with victim blaming, for obvious reasons, but what do you even tell someone for whom it has worked? You’ve got me stumped.

‘Ya know some things are true whether YOU believe them or not lol
Even though you have decided chakras dont exist they in fact do. I sustained every single kind of abuse you can imagine in childhood. Systematic as well. I managed to become a productive member of society & be self sufficient but I did not understand “love” I learned survival but I had one mentally ill parent, wasnt given ANY tools.
It is through life experience & illness that I was determined to heal without drugs & that in turn led me to the esoteric.
I had to spend YEARS working to get my heart chakra opened! It was severely blocked & caused untold pain in my life. And I went along thinking it was abuse? ? Go figure.
The feeling was insane! Absolutely insane! Literally felt it inside me like I got shot by a gun! I also had to work incredibly hard for a year & a half to leave my body.
Self-esteem can only exist when you take the time to clear yourself of those things that no longer work, take pride in yourself & make a realistic plan to better your life/yourself. It is not a feeling of power over others, it is an acceptance of others, a feeling of power over your own life.
Unlike the others here I kinda like your attitude, your arrogance, your skepticism because WE NEED DIVERSITY!! While I do not agree w/you I LOVE that the world is made up of individual souls! Each one is SUPPOSED to be different. So I just hope you open your mind a tiny bit more w/each year you reside in the physical vehicle you occupy now. Because some things are true whether YOU believe it or not ) And the more bodies on this planet that ARE in touch w/each chakra in & around their body & ARE in touch w/the balance of energy or lack thereof inside themselves the better off ALL OF US will be!
P.S. If you start to understand that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience & NOT the other way around you start to understand HOW your hardships are a result of your souls past actions. So while I know it sounds crazy to believe you are responsible for your own pain (tell someone who’s miserable their sadness is their own fault-harmful?) the moment I started learning, understanding, experiencing & opening those “ports” I started owning ALL of my pain. I own my fathers abandonment, I own the family I was given, I started to take responsibility & miserable-ness went away!
Im living breathing proof it is NOT harmful to take responsibility for your own energy be it miserable or happy. Ever! And its NEVER to late to start :O)
Im grateful for the SpiritScience folks & all the others out there like them helping to spread the news. Happy Holidays’


4 responses to “Blaming Yourself?

  1. I did not communicate/explain properly. Plus my comment was soOo flippin long I didnt want to keep going! LoL
    Disclaimer first – I know it is impossible for one person to just “believe” another, nobody can be your teacher when it comes to soul connection. Others can guide, give advice, impart what they’ve learned etc. but its YOUR soul & your desire or lack thereof to get in touch that dictates the outcome.
    I am clairsentient.
    Have travelled outside my physical body on several occasions. That takes serious discipline, complete & total honesty w/absolutely everybody yourself & every emotion & for me took a couple years of celibacy to achieve.
    If you have not left your body then you have no knowledge of what I have experienced.
    I have come to learn that I did terrible things in my past. My souls past.
    Come to lean that my soul picked this family (child molesters, murderer’s, alcoholics, etc) very specifically my grandma on my mom’s side for a very distinct reason.
    Regardless of what you decide to believe on your own I KNOW things that have transpired in my childhood are a result of karma.
    For every action there is an equal & opposite reaction. When you go through wikipedia & read of relationships between royalty all throughout history what you see is abandonment, incest, molestation, slavery, adultery, etc. Since they were royalty it was documented, these same actions were going on with the masses as well.
    Then lets add in wars. How many souls have killed another soul because they were told to or fighting for what they believed in? ? That takes away a man from his children/wife/mother so you kill many people & distribute the pain far & wide.
    How about slavery?
    IF you believe in Karma it makes too much sense! I steal money from you in the past you better believe that motion sets a date & time in the future for you to do the same to me. For me to experience that pain. It is HOW the soul grows.
    Here’s a link that explains some things so much better than I ever could.

    I do NOT blame my parents. Simple fact if your not taught healthy ways to cope w/life’s stresses & instead SHOWN how to drink, do drugs, lie, steal, etc that is WHAT you learn. Period. Had my first drink at 4. Segrams Seven, I loved it! It was GIVEN to me.
    I was not putting the blame of misery on a chakra LoL
    The misery did come from abuse for sure. Its up to the individual to decide if your gonna carry that abuse/misery/reenacting around or if your gonna let it go.
    It was opening my chakras that allowed the energy to flow up, hence letting it go. The abuse is what led me there.
    The spiritual self carries a collection of knowledge & experience from our very beginnings. This collection is stored in those seven energy centers known as ” Chakras” Each chakra contains a different part of our memories, experiences, etc. They’re our spiritual organs, much like our heart, kidneys, lungs are our physical organs.
    When the chakras are functioning in a healthy manner, they open & close in a fluid, unobstructed manner, at a moment’s notice, at our will. They all function in harmony w/each other so that our experience of life is well-balanced. When they become damaged or blocked, they either do not open much at all, are stuck wide open or only open a percentage of what they can normally open. They become blocked because of storing unresolved experiences, emotions or memories. Even one damaged or blocked chakra can throw the entire chakra system off, leaving us in a spiritually unbalanced state.
    I felt it was ARROGANT to say you dont believe they exist. Not JUST skeptical.
    Maybe I was wrong? And if you deny them or dont know about them at all its hard/harder/next to impossible to move past those karmic debts we all have to pay. Maybe yours just werent as “heavy” as mine :o)

  2. :o) Your cool!! I must admit I was wrong. The more I think about it the more I realize non-believing is certainly the reason we know alot! Non-believing scientists trying to prove/disprove theory. Etc.
    Has to be a positive & negative for any energy to exist.
    So we NEED non-believers. Must be that I believe to such an extent that I called you a name. Boooo
    I just hope I made a believer out of some

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