I just managed to get out of the sad that the new WordPress homepage gave me and I’m back in the world where I can put whatever I like in my blog post without having to go through the new, clunky methods.

Yeah, I’m not good with change when it comes to websites, but what are you going to do? I suppose if I eventually get used to the new Youtube layout I can get used to anything.

Anyway, I just checked the news and found out that Alan ‘Turing Test’ Turing was convicted of ‘gross indecency’ for being gay; a charge that led to his suicide.

The more you know, the more pig-headed we as a race seem, eh?

For some reason I actually knew that you could pardon dead people of their crimes (perhaps I’ve been learning backwards), and some rather prominent scientists are calling for his pardoning from David Cameron.

I suppose it will do some sort of service to how he is remembered and how his record stands, but I don’t quite get how a pardoning from the future will make much of a difference. I’m far from an expert on these sorts of issues so I suppose I shouldn’t really be talking about this, but I do find it interesting as a sort of plea for the reputation of a remarkable figure to be restored, despite the passage of time in between his ‘crime’ and today.

It speaks also, I think, to a shift in our society. Thankfully being gay isn’t a crime anymore, and the fact that it was is pretty disturbing. Would it be possible to make a blanket pardon on these sorts of cases? How many charges of gross indecency are attributed to simply homosexual acts?

Maybe I should ask a lawyer.


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