Equality Is Not Negotiable

I may have waited a while to talk about this, but it’s looking like gay marriage is going to be illegal in the Church of England to protect their freedom not to consecrate it. Now, as much as I appreciate individuality and the rights of people to do what they think is best, there will surely be people in the Church of England who want to provide these services to gay members of their church, and undoubtedly, there are homosexuals in the Church of England. In the end, I believe it is inevitable that gay marriage will become a regular part of society, so you might think that there’s no point acting on it now, but why delay the inevitable? Why should we slow progression towards equality when we can work to show that Britain is a nation that accepts all stripes of people, and even spots if it comes to it.

Consenting adults should be allowed to get married, whether a priest from a certain church wants to or not is their choice, but homosexuals should not be barred from tying the not in their place of worship just because of a minority of priests that may feel uncomfortable with the idea.

I suppose what I’m saying is that there should be a one line British constitution made: ‘We don’t negotiate with bigots’ – and we can work from there, understanding that bigotry is not something we should be accommodating for, but something we should be working hard to stamp out, whether through law or education.


One response to “Equality Is Not Negotiable

  1. I agree with everything you’ve written here. When I heard about the Church of England making gay marriage illegal, I felt like it was just one huge step backward – hopefully they come to their senses and start walking toward equality again.

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