How Do We Give It Back?

First things first, we recorded episode 3 of Teen Skepchick’s podcast: Blog Show, yesterday. You should check it out once I’m done editing it because an unscripted discussion about Christmas couldn’t possibly go off topic…

Well, it could, but that’s a discussion for another day when I’ve brushed up the audio and handed it over to the powers that be.

what I’ve been wondering about the last couple of days however, is how much damage this otherwise cheery annual event brings to the environment.

Yeah, I know, this isn’t a depressing topic at all.

Seriously though, the amount of wrapping and packaging that gets produced and then thrown away again in a couple of days, the way that people provide the ridiculous amounts of turkeys and trees by raising them in battery farms and single-tree forests that don’t support much life, the amount of electricity used on lights outside the house that you only see when you put up, and that the neighbors only pay attention to to remark on how silly it is that your house now looks like a… I don’t know, something with a lot of lights that looks more tacky than attractive.

The number of commutes skyrockets this time of year as well, I imagine.

Just generally there’s a lot of consuming for all of the giving, and you can’t give back to the environment by buying it a novelty singing Santa Claus doll.

I imagine it would be pretty hard to stop people from using something that’s as ubiquitous as wrapping paper though, no matter how wasteful it unfortunately is, and until we find a cheap and easy to use cloaking device we can use on presents it would spoil much of the surprise if they were all plain to see, depending on whether your presents are surprising or not.

Somebody work on that.


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