We have two days until the world doesn’t end again and I can’t help but feel that a release of a certain disaster movie raised everyone’s expectations too high. If neutrinos don’t suddenly mutate and then suddenly revert back to their regular states then it’s going to be a huge let down. Mind you, when the nothing that’s probably going to happen happens some people are bound to be disappointed, although everywhere doing a club night that night is going to be very happy that they’re going to be able to cash in all the money drunk people spent that night not realizing that they were still going to need it the next day.

There must be some sort of problem with our society, surely, when after end of the world prediction after end of the world prediction there are still vast amounts of people swallowing every word. I just hope that it doesn’t lead to anything drastic.

And why 2012 of all years? Surely once 6/6/6 went away the apocalypse should have been shrugged off and we should have started waiting for the asteroid or nuclear war instead. If any date was going to have some sort of spiritual meaning, why pick the end of a cycle of a calendar from Central America, when there are so many more calendars that end their cycles on the 31st of December every year?

With an end of the world scare every year I’m sure spending would skyrocket and businesses would experience a bigger boom every year than they already receive.

And I bet if we actually did that there would still be people at the end of each year that thought the world was going to end.


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