Where Regulation Is A Dirty Word

Okay, I was going to jump on the bandwagon of the Majora’s Mask jokes leading up to the 21st today, but instead I looked at the comments section of Youtube and once again my faith in humanity was crushed into a tiny ball of shame and dismay.

In the global culture the internet has allowed us to begin to live in, obsessing over the word ‘freedom’ and drawing any implications you possibly can from it has become a source of fascination for me. It’s a buzzword that people will call upon while simultaneously calling for complete restriction of access to compensation, denying certain societal sects the right to vote, and your right to have a gun in your possession that can fire faster than you would ever possibly need it to outside of open warfare.

I used to be very pessimistic about the way my country works, but as I’ve begun to grow up the little things make me glad that I’m here and not somewhere else, and gun restriction is one of those things. I’ve seen a lot of people on the internet go batshit crazy at the mere mention of regulation, but the sheer fact is that without as many guns you can’t have as many shootings, it’s as simple as that, and I would dare you to come up with a scenario in which turning a shooting into a firefight would do anyone any favors.

It continues to amaze me that some of the very same people who fight for the right to carry these weapons of death are the most ardent (at least according to them) followers of the famously non-violent Jesus Christ, a man so revered for his position on loving thy neighbor that it became a religion that became many religions. When you bring up your own views and assume that a prophet that may/may not have existed 2000 years ago shared them, you do a disservice to the faith that you claim to represent by not backing that up, especially when one of the central tenants of that faith is the requirement to turn the other cheek. What part of the philosophy of turn the other cheek calls for arming yourself with assault rifles with which to turn a trespasser into a bloody mess?

And I know that famously the Jesus of the Bible wasn’t as nice as people think he is based upon the more famous parts of his story, but the lessons from the new testament that are so proudly preached at the pulpit are again spouted by the same people who break everyone in the name of a God they do not understand and a freedom that they are denying to others.


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