On The Rise

The river by my house has risen higher than I’ve ever seen it before and I have to say it’s a little scary. In the future perhaps those of us living on island nations will have to flee to China or Eastern Europe, or somewhere else with lots of inland, perhaps the deserts of Australia where we can live off culled camels and die of heatstroke before we hit our thirties. When the sea rises up and takes our land away from us at least we can say we had it coming, I don’t think I can say the same for the boatloads of other creatures that will be suddenly flung from the land.

I wonder if there could ever be a way that we could freeze the poles back up if they melted too much… It’s obviously out of the question at the moment but once places start heading underwater I imagine there will be more than a few government grants for that kind of thing to keep everyone out of hot water.

Ba-dum tish.


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