Allons Y

It’s boxing day, and that can only mean one thing: I’m leaving tomorrow. There might not be a blog post for a few days, depending on whether there’s internet where I’m staying or not (although I’ll probably have time to get one done tomorrow morning, I should imagine), and this also means that I might actually have something interesting to say when I get back. I hope that it’s sunny in Spain, because all these clouds are making me drowsy and given that I haven’t been sleeping much recently, well, I really want to be awake to enjoy the place.

In other news, I’ve written the ending to the novel I’m working on, largely by accident. You might think that means I’ve actually finished it, but you’d be wrong, I’ve still got about 30-40 pages left to do, and then I’m going to leave it a couple of months to get some distance from it before I go back and edit it. I’ve been writing this one for 15 months now (largely thanks to losing 80 pages in the beginning due to my computer dying), so this feels all kinds of rewarding.

Also, I’m going to need 3 people to play the A Game of Thrones card game with me, because that’s how many you need, and I don’t quite understand it yet.


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