There’s something about being hurtled up into the sky at hundreds of miles an hour in a tin can full of other people’s gases that used to give me the willies. Hopefully I won’t have regained my dread of flying today, because that would make for an awkward couple of hours.

I long for the day when jet backs can be energy efficient enough to use to cross countries. Whether it will happen or not is a question of technology I am not qualified to understand, but me getting a jet pack like the one I want seems unfortunately unlikely within my lifetime.

I’m not too bothered about flying cars, funnily enough. They seem like a bit of a silly idea. Instead of getting cars to hover a few metres off the ground we could find new ways to make helicopters more commercial and find alternatives to its propellor system. I’m talking out of my arse at this point but I would like a helicopter. Next Christmas maybe?


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