Up & Away

What is the maximum distance humans could go from this planet with out current technology? I ask because I’m still fascinated with our need to spread across the stars (or realistically, the planets), as at the moment it looks as if we might have overstayed our welcome on this one, and if we want to eventually survive the death of the earth we’re going to have to be out of here before it expires. How much extra power would we need to get to the next solar system? Perhaps I should have taken physics instead of biology, at least then I would be somewhere closer to the answer to these questions.

If the ‘warp drive’ technology theorized this year is as promising as the term itself sounds (optimistic, I know), we may have a chance of getting somewhere further than at least Mars within a human lifetime, but then again, to truly make a planet our home, I imagine the amount of baggage we would need to carry around with us to allow us to terraform our landing spots would probably be a considerable drag on our speed (it would certainly give us a weight problem), and if we do not bring these, would it be possible to create a human colony where people live entirely in spacesuits when outside their crafts? That doesn’t feel very permanent to me.


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