On Length

While I may feel like I’ve been dragged through five hedges backwards my coursework deadline is approaching far too quickly for me to ignore the four hundred words I’ve still got to chip from it. If you would believe it, I’ve already rid myself of six hundred, so right now I’m trying to take off every unnecessary connective and qualifier I can. By the end of this process my whole report will sound like a robot trying to give a presentation.

I don’t want my style to be unnecessarily long, I like to think that if I make something a ridiculous number of words it’s because I had something worth saying, although this whole blog is a huge argument against that. My finished book’s going to be over 300 pages, I suspect, although a few of them are going to get cut when I go over them and realise they read like Nicki Minaj trying to write a sonnet.

I’ve never been sure how to make something both detailed and brief however. I tend to touch on some sort of detail and then cut off like some sort of informational cocktease or go into so many words the word count tips me afterwards and gives me a phone number.

That’s a big difference between writing in general and songwriting in particular, because I can feel when a verse should end, whereas I want to end a chapter on a pivotal shift, a section in a report when I’ve said all I can say, or a blog post when I bloody well feel like it.


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