Year 3

Apparently I’ve been writing this blog for just over two years now… boy, it really doesn’t seem that long.

Bear in mind that I haven’t been doing a post a day for as long as that but that’s a long time to have been putting out my unsolicited opinions on the internet.

I’d pat myself on the back but that would just be weird.

During this time I’ve only been shut down once and that was because WordPress thought that I was a spam bot. So to all of those who would have me taken away (I don’t know if there actually are any, but in theory) from this bloggish pursuit, let it be known that this blog’s hosts are currently more competent than you are at this deed.

I’ll be honest with you in saying that I didn’t truly know what I wanted out of this blog when I started it, just that I wanted a space to write on (and I’ve found another couple since). I don’t think I knew this would basically become my home on the internet; the place where I can feel comfortably posting anything I have on my mind without feeling like the world’s going to raise their eyebrows for it.

And I won’t pretend that this post is anything other than self-congratulation. We all deserve a bit of that sometimes and I think that after 2 years of this I deserve it, so I’m going to have a lie back and a smile for myself, because I don’t do that very often.


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