Ballad Of The Lazy Man

The chirping of birds surrounds me as I fade in to the morning,
Sun not quite up yet but its light flooding through my curtains as if it too is stretching,
The sensations of daytime are alluring but not alluring enough to stir me,
I turn over and the sun rises without me.

The incessant beeping and whirring of great trucks outside of my window disturb my slumber,
They stay in the same spot for a hell of a long time considering the racket they’re making,
If anything this makes me want to sleep further,
I turn over and sleep until the bastards have gone.

The morning has since faded into the afternoon without me,
Finally dragging myself out of my bed with a headache I feel more tired than ever,
I curse the invention of the alarm clock for we ignore it,
I slump away and start my day three hours late.


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