Just The Wind

We need to have some sort of national campaign to get people to understand that wind farms can be a good thing. There seems to be a very strong distaste for the clean-energy generators for those in the neighborhood of potential sites, and I just don’t see it, I think they’re gorgeous, but even if you think they’re uglier than mossy scrotums the benefits surely outweigh the downside that you’re going to have to look at something you find ugly a couple of times a day, if that?

When the view outside your window is more important than working towards the well being of your planet you’ve got your priorities screwed up.

I mean, how often do you look in the direction it’s going to be at the moment, I mean really look at it? Once, twice a month at most? Would it really cripple your enjoyment of life that much for those glances to have an extra piece of infrastructure in it, albeit one that could actually help the planet instead of stamping all over it?

How many people are actually complaining about this because they straight up don’t like change?

I’d like some sort of statistic, but I’m way too tired to go out and do a poll right now.


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