A Eulogy

Well, I just got a pretty mind blowing workload dropped on my head, so excuse me if I seem a little concussed.

In technology news, the program formerly known as MSN messenger will be officially dead very soon when Microsoft will switch it off and recommend people just use Skype instead, which, given that they’re both owned by the same company, makes sense.

This is one of those stories that makes my eyebrows rise slowly, and if I could indeed only raise one eyebrow, well then that’s what would be happening right now, not because I don’t get why it’s the end of this service, that I completely understand, but because I had no idea that it was still going, I honestly thought that it was long dead.

Perhaps Myspace should take a hint and put itself out of its misery.

Admittedly, I won’t miss you. You were pretty cool for a while, but then social awkwardness overtook my desire to make small talk with people over the internet and you were reduced to one of those programs that I could neither be bothered to take off start up programs, nor be bothered to even let you load up before I did a right click and exit on your ass.

Perhaps I should have been better to you while you were still with us, but in my defence, we have real life to talk to people on, or in my case, blogs to talk to no one in particular on.


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