The Gaymarch

The world is a strange and hateful place apparently. You would think that with the strange growth in popularity of nationalist groups in France recently I wouldn’t be surprised that there was a mass protest against gay marriage in Paris this weekend, but I was, perhaps because I often forget just how narrow-minded a place the world is.

I seriously don’t understand what would drive someone to protest against the rights of other people to marry, it boggles my mind, and not just because it’s hateful, but because I have never heard a convincing argument as to why gay people should not have this right. The fact that no sense is being made yet people are still shouting about it is yet another reminder that people are not driven by informed judgement, but on basal, gut feelings, and the worrying thing about that is that increasingly there are movements out in the world trying to convince people that the Walt Disney view of ‘listen to your heart’ is the right way to live your life. I’m sure there are lots of people who have done what they thought wa the right thing once upon a time and ended up standing up to their necks in shit.

Bigotry however, is a separate issue to this, despite the two ideas being equally false, and I’m sure that those that insist emotions are the way to truth have an excuse for the emotions of those driven by irrational hatreds to be ill fitting to their philosophy.

Because as much as many of us disagree, those that recognize bigotry and the hardiness with which it persists in a society we deem so civilized recognize that these marches offer nothing to the world but the knowledge that we, as a society, still have much work to do in terms of educating people enough to respect their fellow humans. It’s sad that such a thing would even need to be taught really.


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