You Might Have Noticed…

It’s snowing, you might have noticed.

I’ve been writing a short story, you probably won’t have noticed that unless you’re one of the four people I’ve actually talked to about it.

Lance Armstrong was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey about his doping, you probably noticed that, and that he was talking about it as if everyone was doing it. If this is the case and Armstrong is stripped of all titles, is that not unfair considering that if this is true he has been singled out, with other winners allowed to keep their titles?

I’m not very knowledgeable about sports, you may have noticed that.

Ed Milliband is now saying that he wants a referendum on EU membership just like his good old friend David Cameron. Seriously guys, if you’re all going to say the same things who am I supposed to vote for? The green party? They’ve made some pretty anti-scientific statements in the past despite how much I agree with them on other points.

Nick Clegg expects himself to be the leader of the lib dems in the next election. You might have noticed this, I wish I hadn’t because it means that more people will be voting for UKIP than them and that’s just plain scary.


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