The Odds

So I was going to take a few days break from fiction after having just finished the first draft of the novel I’ve been working on since before I started university (mainly delayed due to my computer committing suicide and in dire need of an editor who has taken a couple of months off to let the ‘my baby’ complex die down a bit), but it turns out I wrote a short story in a couple of days and now I’m wondering if I should send it out or let people have a look at it first.

You might be able to tell that I get ridiculously excited about every piece of fiction I manage to squeeze out of these fingers of mine, but at least with fiction you don’t have to hear me try to sing it at you (at least not this kind of fiction, I’ve never been able to manage an in-story song that didn’t just sound like I was building a straw man with a huge sign around its neck reading ‘Tolkien’.

But when we get too excited about our creations we run the risk of crashing when, inevitably, these pieces don’t meet professional standards, and that’s a dangerous thing because there are always tons of submissions and only a few can make it through, it’s no reason to stop writing but if you get yourself as hyped as I do about every little thing… I try not to bum myself out, and I think trying to enforce a staunch realism in my outlook on life is helping me with that. Despite how much I try though, I can’t help being a dreamer, I think big because I want to achieve big, I just hope that I truly understand the odds.


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