Natural Wars On Science

This is an interesting article.

I think we briefly referred to it on Teen Skepchick’s latest podcast recently (which will be coming out sometime between now and February) and I do find it depressing that some of the movements supporting politics that make sense to me come out with anti-GMO speeches and other instances of using the naturalistic fallacy as proof that something is good (and therefore anything not deemed natural is bad). I’ve talked about this before, I’m certain, yet this belief persists, bolstered by the connotations of the word ‘natural’ that you might have noticed in ‘natural products’ such as certain toiletries.

By the way, if toiletries can be natural, surely anything can be, there’s nothing natural about shoving pleasant-smelling gel into your hair, as pleasant as it might be and how distasteful most of us find it when others don’t do this.

The fact remains that there are people in every subset of the population that do not listen to reason and choose to ignore evidence that does not align with their preconceived beliefs (on an important note, when I say every subset of the population, this includes people who self-identify as skeptics and other variations of the rationalistic approach to knowledge, ironically) and generally they will believe that they are approaching these beliefs from a rational standpoint.

You can’t remove superstition entirely from humanity it would seem, and in an age rife with conspiracy theories with the internet to spread them around like wildfire it shouldn’t be a surprise that extreme views are becoming increasingly prevalent, but it should be a disappointment.


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