Painting the Town Red (and Yellow, and Pink, and Green, and Purple, and Orange, and Blue)

I find a lot of graffiti pleasing to the eye.

I don’t know whether that will be surprising to you or not, but it’s true, most of the street art I see on walkways and under bridges I really like, and when it’s washed off by authorities and replaced with newer markings I feel a little sad. Sure, the swear words and sprawling messages aren’t great, but when someone puts so much work into it that it’s almost a mural, why wipe it off? One of the places where this happened, I noticed, found the graffiti replaced within a couple of days with something much less appealing, and I think that’s a damn shame, because as much as graffiti artists get painted as criminals, surely if they give us something nice to look at we should keep it and appreciate it? Maybe we need more artists sitting in on council decisions, or at least people that appreciate the value of creativity.

In fact, if we stop getting rid of the graffiti that actually looks like art, surely there will be less blank canvases for the graffiti that it’s obvious the local council will disapprove of, surely some sort of hierarchy of quality is the answer to this, apparently declining problem.

Perhaps deviantart has saved the council the money it uses to wipe away often pleasant pieces of art, perhaps drawing cocks on walls is just a joke that’s gone stale, but I for one, think bridges and underpasses that are grey, brown and dull as hell could use a little life, a little colour, and a little atmosphere.


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