Where Have I Been?

Just in case you wanted to hear me talk on multiple corners of the internet, let me show you the stuff I’ve etched into the web in the last couple of weeks. I might make this a regular thing, because generally you’re getting a few blogs at once and it means I can take a night off when I’m stressed out over coursework and feeling sick (like today).

Here’s your music recommendation for this post. Check out The Bronx if you haven’t already, I can’t stress enough how impressed I was with their new album (out 5th February) and am kicking myself for not having heard them before. Here’s my review of IV.

In case you were wondering whether or not to buy Skyrim, I took the liberty of writing a blog in which I review the game (about a year too late) and on multiple times urge everyone reading the blog to buy it. Try not to judge me too hard, it’s got me suckered in, Bethesda are good at doing that to me. Here’s the post.

In the darkest corners of the internet are some of the most patronizing games on the face of the earth. In a way this is the antithesis of my Skyrim post, in which I get all flustered at the extent to which some people claim they are making games while insulting 50% of the population’s intelligence and don’t recommend at all that you play the games in question. That post is here.


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