Thoughts Of Chains

Everyone who has yet to see Django Unchained should go and see Django Unchained. I mean it, shut down your computer, get out of your chair, walk out of that door and head down to the nearest cinema. When you return you shall have a song in your head to which you will only know one word, but you will have seen an incredible film and I think that trade-off’s pretty worth it, especially as the song’s awesome as hell. Even if you’re under 18, you should age a few years as quickly as you can and go see it, that or get a fake ID, or a fake mustache, if you get one that looks real enough it’ll make you look older.

It’s sickening to think that there was a period in our history when racism was not only organised and practiced, but used to turn people into mere possessions and drive profits. The mere fact that humans are capable of such atrocities makes me terrified about the future, knowing how low we have sunk before and how readily some of our number spread their hate (and how far their obnoxiously loud voices often carry).

Bigotry, I think, is one of those things that I will never be able to understand. I cannot picture for the life of me writing off a whole race of people, I cannot picture for the life of me thinking that the color of someone’s skin somehow defines their personality as an absolute…

Sometimes people just suck.


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